Social Security Disability Rulings

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Since our law firm represents disabled individuals before the Social Security Administration, we decided to write a 10 part series on an important, but often neglected area of Social Security Law.  Social Security Disability law is complex. Important rules about how an individual is deemed disabled and the process for that decision are found in Federal Statutes, administrative rulings, Administrative regulations, cases decided by Federal Courts and other sources.  In this series, we will focus each week on a particular "Ruling" written by the Social Security Administration.  A "Ruling" is  “a series of precedential decisions relating to the programs administered by the SSA and are published under the authority of the Commissioner of Social Security" 

Social Security publishes the rulings online at

Social Security has published many rulings over the years. Some rulings are adopted and then abandoned by Social Security and others are modified.  In the next 10 blog posts we are going to highlight 10 very important rulings that can help disabled people secure Social Security Disability benefits. Here they are: 

  1. Social Security Ruling 83-10—Determining capability to work other than your past work
  2. Social Security Ruling 83-5a—Medical-Vocational Guidelines— Important Ruling if you are over the age of 55 
  3. Social Security Ruling 83-20—Onset of disability -- Important guidelines to decide when you are deemed disabled
  4. .Social Security Ruling 96-3p— Tells the Social Security Administration how to evaluate your pain in connection with your disability
  5. Social Security Ruling 05-02— If you have tried to return to work for a period of time that you are also claiming disability but were unsuccessful, this ruling can help. 
  6. Social Security Ruling 16-3p— This ruling has helpful information about how the Social Security Administration should evaluate your symptoms
  7. Social Security Ruling 82-41—This ruling evaluates how the SSA will look at your work skills in determining if you can perform other types of work
  8. Social Security Ruling 82-59— If you have been prescribed treatment, you need to do your best to get the treatment. However, the SSA must consider your financial ability. 
  9. Social Security Ruling 96-9p—This is particularly important if you are under the Age of 50 and are limited to less than a full range of sedentary work. 
  10. Social Security Ruling 96-8p—This will tell you how the SSA evaluates your ability to work at the initial claim stage. 

We hope that the information that we write about these rulings will be helpful. If you have any questions about these rulings or any other questions about your claim, please do not hesitate to contact our office to set up a free consultation. 

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